SearchINet © David Oldroyd

SearchINET a New Dimension in Internet Searching (Google/Bing or Searches on Vendor Sites)

NOTE: This is BETA Software especially in the Area of the Initial Menu.

I have made it available to

1. Assist Members of the Windows 10 Technical Review analyse the Feedback

2. Show Spartan Reviewers how Internet Browsing/Searching can significantly be enhanced.

If a User finds it useful and wants to either access more than 5 pages or continue using SearchINET after the 30 day evaluation period has finished, they can purchase a Full License for $4.99 (50% reduction). This license will also license the first Production Version.

SearchINET Functionality

1. Reading, Listing and Indexing Pages of Matches produced by Google/Bing/Vendor sites.(50 pages can regularly be read, listed and indexed in less than 5 minutes elapsed.

A User can use the Browser Window in SearchINET (Internet Explorer (Spartan later?) just as they would normally do to perform “Standard”Google/Bing or Vendor Searches.

However after any Search (Engine or 95%+ of Vendor sites) they can

2. SearchINET can read the Internet Favorites and History from one or more browsers IE/Chrome/Firefox providing

3. SearchINET can extract data from over 95% of WebSites (Google,Bing, Walmart, Amazon, Ebay etc) Defining an Extraction/Formatting Script is very simple (See Button above)

Demonstration of how SearchINET enhances the Vendor search on the Walmart Web Site

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2. Walmart Search for Laptops

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